Engagement, interaction, challenge, and inspiration are key tenets in my core teaching philosophy. The best learning comes from students who are involved and motivated in their own learning process. I recognize that learning in the classroom is not only my responsibility; rather, I empower and expect students to share a mutual responsibility in creating an engaging and collaborative environment. The classroom, both in-person and virtual, is a space that should be an ecosystem within which all participants, both instructor and students, engage in knowledge creation and this requires us to establish a learning community that encourages diverse perspectives and critical thought.

GRADUATE COURSES, University of South Carolina

EDLP 808: Field Problems in Educational Administration: The Literature Review, Fall 2022
EDHE 832: Critical Issues in Global Higher Education, Fall 2021
EDLP 806: Theories of Educational Leadership, Spring 2021 & 2022
EDHE 832: Paradigms of Inquiry in Higher Education, Fall 2020
EDHE 831: Internship in Higher Education, Summer 2020 & 2021
EDHE 837/838: Practicum in Higher Education and Student Affairs, Spring 2020
EDHE 835: Leadership in Higher Education, Fall 2019

GRADUATE COURSES, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

EDAD 995: Doctoral Seminar: Narrative Inquiry and Phenomenology, Fall 2018
EDAD 995: Doctoral Seminar: Critical Race Theory in Education, Summer 2018 & 2019
EDAD 988: Dissertation Proposal Development, Spring 2018
EDAD 995: Doctoral Seminar: Approaches to Qualitative Data Collection, Summer 2017
EDAD 983: Qualitative Methods for Educational Research, Spring 2017 & 2018
EDAD 900: Proseminar in Educational Leadership & Higher Education, Fall 2016, 2017, & 2018
EDAD 995: Doctoral Seminar: Teaching, Learning, & Curriculum, Spring 2016 & 2017
EDAD 910: Higher Education Environments, Spring 2015, 2016 & 2019

GRADUATE COURSES, Michigan State University

EDAD 832: Higher Education in America, Fall 2014, 2015 & 2017
EAD 871: Collegiate Contexts of Teaching and Learning (Teaching Apprentice), Spring 2014
EAD 874: Introduction to Student Affairs (Teaching Apprentice), Fall 2011

UNDERGRADUATE COURSE, Michigan State University

EAD 315: Student Leadership Training (Instructor), Summer Session 2013